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"As an IT Tech - Invaluable tool  -  Excellent - Thanks"
Stephen J.  -  UK

"Now I don't have to sacrifice any more USB devices to faulty ports. Thanks."
Doug H. - Canada

"Entirely correct, very good product. Thank you."
Pablo I. - USA

"... we had 3 problems with USB reversed polarity with computers that were brought in for repair, which destroyed 3 flash drives in our shop. With the USBcheck we don't have to worry anymore. We just test the USB port power before using our USB devices and we don't even have to open the case and check the connections...Thanks."
Phil M. - Portugal


Excellent product, does what is needed, and looks great doing it!!

Steve S. - USA

Great item! Very helpful!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 

Richard D.  -  Canada

The tester works great. I lost a memory stick because the connector to the motherboard was labelled wrong. The tester solved the problem. I now carry it with me and always test a computer before I put in my memory stick, just to be safe.

- Robert R.  - USA


"You saved my iPod... My USBcheck always travels with me now. Thanks."

Joe B. - Canada


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